Architectural Services & Fees

Members of the Ontario Association of Architects can provide a vast variety of services to the public. The greatest value we bring to projects is our knowledge and experience to help clients with the rapidly changing knowledge-based service industry.

Our service levels vary from basic to comprehensive depending on the requirements and wants of the owner as well as project complexity. Our fees vary on the same basis; please contact us to review your scope of work and a detailed quotation for the architectural services.

Our Process


Schematic Design

We will meet with our clients to discuss their requirements while reviewing the challenges of the project. We will confirm the space program and produce basic architectural forms to address all project requirements, including the owners budget.


Design Development

The initial schematic design is refined and developed with more details. We will confirm the proposed design satisfies all the initial client requirements. We will also start to coordinate the building systems to prevent conflicts. Preliminary reviews of the zoning by-laws and potential conservation limitations are also performed at this stage. 


Planning & Zoning Development

Zoning by-laws and definitions vary for each site and municipality. We will confirm the zoning limitations with municipal planning departments prior to proceeding to the next stage. If there are zoning infractions, we will either redesign the project or apply to the committee of adjustment for minor variances. Our team can provide the required planning services at this stage and can represent your case at the committee of adjustment. Site Plan applications are also part of the services our team can provide.


Construction & Permit Documents

Once any zoning issues are resolved, we would prepare detailed construction documents. Our drawings, specifications, and other permit documents allow contractors to prepare their bids and are submitted to municipal building departments for building permit approval. We thoroughly coordinate with all project consultants, such as structural and mechanical engineers, to ensure timely permit approval and limit any potential conflicts.


Construction Procurement

At this stage, our team assists in the selection of contractors and awarding of contracts. We help clients choose between contracting methods and project delivery types. We have a network of reputable contractors to assist with initial construction budgets.


Construction Administration

Client interests are prioritized during construction administration. We are highly experienced in construction management and thoroughly review work completed by contractors for building code and drawing compliance. We take care to ensure the timely and fair payment of all involved contractors and subcontractors, finalizing projects with a final inspection of the completed design to guarantee the safety, health, and accessibility for its occupants.

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