Front of Contemporary Home in New Residential Development
63 MAIN ST OLD (1)
Lane View of Existing Garage Conversion to Laneway Home in Toronto
New Mixed-Use Complex in Waterloo
Dinning Area for Romona's Kitchen
New Kitchen in Toronto Interior Renovation
Modern Ravine Home Front View

All About the Details

We are a full-service architectural firm providing our clients with professional architectural services at all project stages. Our team of experts will guide and assist with planning, architectural, engineering, interior design, surveying, soil testing and many other services.

We strive to provide personalized service for all clients at every project stage.

Architecture should be designed with nature in mind, but focused on the needs of its users.

We are dedicated to our team by promoting and increasing their knowledge, skill and proficiency while administering the architects act to serve and protect the public interest. All OAA members must remain active participants in the OAA continuing education program.